Jackson Regenerational Farm

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Jackson Regenerational Farm’s mission is to build soil and increase biodiversity while feeding their community nutrient dense foods by regeneratively pasturing their animals - hens, broilers and lambs.


Located in Atkinson Maine, Jackson Regenerational Farm is using livestock to build biodiversity, soil, and water holding capacity. 

You are here because you most likely are looking to improve your health and the health of the Earth through food!  Take a look around - you will surely find something that will help.   If you need help, please reach out to me (Sarah) though email at farm@jacksonregenerationalfarm.com


For a connection with Farmer Nick and Sarah of Jackson Regenerational Farm - join our weekly email for tips, recipes and news from the farm.  Join the newsletter by going to www.jacksonregenerationalfarm.com 


  • Eggs from regeneratively pastured eggs (fed organic grain and food scraps from our compost collection program!)
  • Regenerative pastured lamb 
  • Regeneratively pastured chicken (fed organic grains) in Coming August 2021 


Nick Jackson & Sarah Mahan (and our many children and helpers!)

Phone: 207-702-1707

Email: farm@jacksonregenerationalfarm.com

Website: www.jacksonregenerationalfarm.com

"Jackson Regenerational Farm is not only regenerating soil with healthy scientifically proven holistic ground and soil management practices but they are educating, inspiring and regenerating communities.

For several years now, we have been weekly customers of their home delivery program: we receive the healthiest most vibrant pasture raised eggs, lamb, chicken and now pork, through a partnership they organized- that you can't find anywhere on Earth.” - Maria


"Our friend raved about the chickens that she had received from the farm, so we had to try them.  We have made the tastiest chicken soups full of nourishing broth and roast chickens that just melt in your mouth.  Feels great to have a freezer full of healthy meat!  We admire the way in which Sarah and Nick strive to raise these animals, and we are so grateful for their caring approach to farming." Rachel Seemar

Check us out on Youtube - or even better come for a visit to the farm!


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