Ground Lamb from Regeneratively Pastured Lambs


Ground Lamb – 16 oz. Frozen


Ground lamb is such a versatile product – you should have plenty on hand.


Great for burgers, tacos, ground lamb on top of fresh salad with yogurt dressing!  You can grill it – loaf it – stir fry it with kale and sweet potatoes for a paleo friendly meal! 


“The best start to my day this past winter has been with lamb stew – no other breakfast makes me feel as nourished as a hearty lamb stew with organic veggies and homemade broth! These lambs have had a wonderful life on their farm with only one bad moment. That is important to me! And I love what Jackson’s is doing for our state and our climate with holistic grazing – not only am I supporting this great family, my local economy and my health, but I’m contributing to helping to reverse climate change because that’s exactly what their style of farming is doing! Win win! And – YUM!” – Lisa Sadler


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Regeneratively raised lambs

Our lambs come to us from quality local breeders and are put on pasture as soon as grass and lambs are ready.

Our lambs are grass-fed on 100 acres of perennial pasture.

Lambs are “grazers,” and able to sustain themselves well on a diet of pure leafy greens.  As such, Jackson Regenerational Farm lambs are all 100% grass-fed.

 Our lambs never stay in the same place for more than one day to ensured maximum health for the lambs and pasture.