Ground Lamb – 1lb


Available for purchase Saturday 8am – Sunday 8pm.

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Ground lamb in 1 pound packages.  


We raise a dairy breed of sheep called East Friesian.  The diary ewes have larger udders and a longer lactation period than other non-dairy breeds of sheep.  Unlike most dairy operations, we don’t fully wean the lambs off of their mother’s milk.  Instead, we do what’s called “milk sharing” by separating the lambs at night and milking the ewes in the morning.  The lambs have full access to their mother’s and her milk all day.  The ewes’ long lactation period means the lambs can (and will!) nurse up to 7 months or longer (they are almost the size of their mothers at that point!).  Raising our lambs this way helps them to grow bigger, naturally, without graining them heavily.  What’s more, the sweet, high-percentage fat content of the milk produces the most delicious mild-tasting lamb (in our opinion).  We believe our lamb is the best tasting, hands down!  In addition to milk, the lambs rotationally graze on pasture, and are fed hay and organic grain.

Our 9-10 month old lambs get processed at Maple Lane , where they are USDA inspected.