Egg CSA – 10 Dozen – Weekly Delivery


In the Spring, Summer, and Fall our hens roam the landscape in their egg mobile – getting access to fresh pasture regularly.  They are outside all day collecting vitamin D from the sun, eating grass, bugs and soil, making the hens healthy and their eggs nutrient dense!


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Available for purchase Saturday 8am – Sunday 8pm.

Sold By: Jackson Regenerational Farm


10-week Regeneratively Pastured Egg CSA

Sign up for a weekly delivery of our delicious pastured eggs and SAVE! 

$6.87 per dozen (Save $1.12 per dozen / $11.20 for the 10 weeks)

Eggs from – Regeneratively Pastured Chickens – Fed organic grains and food scraps from your local community participating in our Compost Collection Program! 

From your Farmers Nick Jackson & Sarah Mahan